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Scope of the workshop

With the development and renewal of the present neutron scattering facilities, as well as the foreseen next generation of sources (ESS) and instruments (large detectors, multi­analysers), the demand for Monte Carlo (M­C) simulations is in constant increase since the start of the McStas and VITESS projects.

The workshop will give the participants a complete, hands­-on experience with state­-of­-the-art features of McStas and VITESS simulation codss, from instrument design to virtual experiments and data analysis. The main goal of the workshop is to train new users, e.g. scientists, engineers and technicians who are new to Monte­Carlo simulation.

The workshop will start with an introduction and a short tutorial, and then focus on specific instrument parts: beam lines (guides), neutron optics (monochromators, choppers, ...), sample environment (cryostat, furnaces, magnets), detectors. Further sessions will be devoted to full instrument simulations (how to estimate resolution and intensity) and virtual experiments (introducing complex sample models and producing scientific output). Polarized setups, which require much more complex simulations, are beyond this workshop.

This workshop is not intended to present individual simulation work, but is a training course.

Furthermore, the workshop will allow the build­up of local facility­-based and pan­european expertise in McStas and VITESS, by

  • bringing together the user community
  • exchanging experiences in simulation techniques
  • allowing users to compare own pieces of code
  • giving detailed feedback and input to the McStas and VITESS projects for future development
  • setting up future collaboration.