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Participation / Cost

  • We would like all participants to attend, as far as possible, the entire school.
  • Participants from EU will be preferred (as EU funds the school). The 5 remaining seats with full registration fee required are fully open.
  • All participants must arrange and pay their own transport to Copenhagen Airport. We shall arrange transportation from CPH to the Island of Ven.

Status: registration is closed

List of registered participants:

 * Leighton Coates
 * Khairul Izzat Bin Abdul Aziz
 * Vasily Piyadov
 * Yury Chetverikov
 * Pedro Noguera
 * Iain Sutton
 * Anne Stunault
 * Mohamed ZBIRI
 * Jonathan CORREA
 * Patrick Van Esch
 * Anders Kaestner
 * Michael Schneider
 * Tobias Panzner
 * Genoveva Burca
 * Dr. Shu Yan Zhang
 * Daniela Ene
 * Mary Chin
 * Jacob Larsen
 * Quintieri Lina
 * Andreas Houben
 * Evgeny Moskvin
 * Wolf-Dieter Stein
 * Peter KARPATI
 * Márton Besnyő
 * Silvia Imberti
 * one free seat left possibly for Sample Environment or Neutron Optics FP7/NMI3/JRA member (to be confirmed)