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Tentative workshop programme

The Workshop is devoted to training of neutron scientists and engineers for guides, sample environment, detectors and instruments simulation.

Day 1: May 17th PM

  • Welcome, installation of participants, general presentation of the McStas and Vitess packages
  • Starting with McStas/Vitess (quick tutorial to learn how to use the software)

Day 2: May 18th

  • beamlines: straight guides, curved, S-shaped, ballistic, elliptic,...
  • neutron optics :
    • monochromators, choppers, velocity selectors, slits, collimators
    • background estimate from mechanics

Day 3: May 19th

  • sample environments :
    • concentric geometry, furnaces, cryostats, magnets,
    • background estimates
  • detectors : gas tubes, background estimate from housing

Day 4: May 20th

  • complete instruments: resolution,intensity estimates
  • virtual experiments: adding sample models and assembled parts from previous sessions

Day 5: May 21st AM

  • session overview/results, closure of workshop

Each half day session (4 h) will start with a lesson on specific topic related programming techniques, possibly followed by a few user contributions (examples) and requirements, and then a hands­-on session (guided tutorial for 2-­3 h).